In the Nampa-Caldwell area, REE-Construction/First General Idaho provides immediate water damage emergency response to a sudden and unexpected water loss in a residential or commercial building that is essential to limit the extent of damage.  

Quick response to stop the source of water and proper action to mitigate damages can speed recovery time, lessen the disruption and save on overall restoration costs.

We have invested in quality water and flood damage testing equipment as well as staff certification and training in dealing with specialty losses like sewage damage in order to employ appropriate monitoring methods.  In addition to installing drying equipment and documenting conditions throughout the drying process, we train that understanding moisture movement in and through a building is essential in order to prevent any secondary damage.

Since 1983, REE-Construction/First General Idaho  has been providing both residential and commercial properties owner quick, competent, appropriate and complete water damage repair and damage restoration services.

We are an Idaho registered contractor, public works contractor, EPA lead certified as well as a certified firm by the IICRC.

What You Can Expect From REE-Construction/First General Idaho »

1) Rapid and locally dispatched emergency response.  No national call center sending out "the next one on the list"

2) Quick, competent, appropriate and complete action to mitigate the water damage Nampa .

3) Cooperation with your your direction.

4) Fully documented and transparent billing for any work completed using industry best practices.

Flood damage and water damage doesn’t just happen when it’s convenient. Our professional staff is on call 24 hours a day/7 days a week/365 days a year.

We have trained technicians employing the best industry practices and utilizing proper equipment to address the visible and hidden areas of damage from a Nampa  water damage loss event.

The value of using a locally dispatched company has become more important to consumers as the proliferation of national call centers has increased in the water damage restoration industry. These national call centers are typically one of three varieties. The first are companies that advertise nationally, operate a call center  and then sell "leads" to companies around the country.  The second are insurance company call centers who have typically negotiated the lowest price for service among competing national organizations.  The third are called TPA's or Third Party administrators  who establish networks of approved vendors and act as a a surrogate for the insurer in assigning and administering the claims process.  While there is nothing inherently wrong with any of these approaches, many consumers feel that hiring a local company directly gives them the best opportunity to have control over the work completed and the insurance claim process.

Whether you need flood cleanup of water in the basement, extraction and removal of  water damage from you home or after hours emergency water damage mitigation at your business for 30 years REE-Construction/First General Idaho has Put Things Right.

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